Saturday, February 27, 2010

~little advice from my brother in law~

it was taken from fb.. our family conversation,.

Stop!!..ape la adik2 aku ni..orang bukak tread pasal pisau la..dah disalahgunakan untuk tujuan gaduh2 manja pulak..hiss..nak kena tazkirah ni..
Hafiz: control ego tuh..pi pujuk fiacee hang..once u try to hold woman's heart, hold it tightly..but softly..dont let anything let ur relationship down..especially from this case, from my observation, you have to appologise..u start to burn her heart..i knew that u are kiddng..but woman's heart not decode this kind of joking as kidding..or in other words, u hurt her heart..nobody can heal that cut, but u urself..never leave her suffering her paint alone..please ensure that the suffer not heal by someone else..include umi..or u lost something..
Fatin: be patient..take it easy..i knew my younger brother, hafiz..i knew him more than u do..untill u take him over and u'll b the closest person may take years to match..perfectly..but along the learning process, to know each other better, u'll face a lot of test..sometimes its painfully..but, when u both reach the stage, everything'll be nice..
Hafiz & Fatin: u both r approaching your big, important day..make the day glitter..take off any factors that can spoil that day..xnak gaduh2..hafiz, pergi study pasal hati wanita sebab bakal isteri kamu perlukan suami yg tegas dalam mentadbir keluarga, tapi gentle melayan isteri dan anak2 nnti..fatin pergi study mengenai isteri yang solehah..sbb bakal suami anda perlukan isteri lunak yang sentiasa senangkan hati suami..

this is an advice from my brother in law.. b.mizi, aliff's father.. it is very touching, and i feel so bless when he called me, his sister, means, he has accepted me as his family members.. alhmdllh.. thnx a lot b.mizi. at least, i know that there are lot of thing that i should know,.. i need to make lots of preparation to be a wife, besides recognizing my future husband. hu~,.. even though, he is really make me mad with his joke!! ~cool~.. ahh.. tak sbrnya nk kenal my new fmly!! b.mizi, thnx a lot! i am very appreciate it.. alhmdllh

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